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SWMF '14 - Festival program
Because of bad weather conditions festival program is changed.
Check out final program...
SWMF '14 - Festival program changed
Because of bad weather conditions announced for Wednesday April 23rd, concert of Dejan Petrovic and Big Band will be held on Tuesday...
SWMF '14 - Growing up with the festival
Serbia World Music Festival gives a great attention to its youngest visitors. The T-shirts with the inscription...
SWMF '14 - Smoke Shakers
Smoke Shakers is indie rock band from Kavadarci (Macedonia), formed in November 2008. The band has five members...
SWMF '14 - Resiliens (Norway)
Kilden (i.e. The Source) is the name of the club, which is a meeting point for everybody regardless of economy or prior knowledge...
SWMF '14 - Vasil Hadžimanov Band
Vasil's ideas of mixing Balkan traditional, folk rhythms and melodies with the western, modern musical styles (jazz, funk, world music…)...
SWMF '14 - Dejan Petrović Big Band
Dejan Petrović made history of Trumpet Festival in Guča as the youngest Master of trumpet and artist with the potential to conquer the world...
SWMF '14 - Gipsy Aleksić
We are proud to announce the participation of "Gipsy Aleksić" also for this year's festival. The urge to include...
SWMF '14 - Artists
See the artists that will perform at the Serbia World Music Festival 2014....

Serbia World Music Festival (SWMF) was established as joint project between the City Council of Gornji Milanovac in Serbia, local enthusiasts and a group of Norwegians with strong relations to Serbia. The aim of the festival is to unite artists with different cultural backgrounds through a number of concerts as well as other cultural activities.

Ethnical music is looked upon as traditional music with quite strict forms. Through history there have been many attempts to preserve ethnical music by isolating it from music from other regions. SWMF is working in the opposite direction in trying to create a new musical universe where traditional music is presented in not so traditional ways, the result being a number of unique concerts. The whole festival is characterized by a much enthusiasm and a great love for music that knows no borders, as all the artists and everybody behind the festival are working on a non-profit basis.

The program offers a great diversity, although Roma music plays an important role. In addition to the concerts SWMF offers a great variety of other activities as well: dance performances by famous groups from different corners of ex-Yugoslavia, exhibitions and traditional food and drink from local producers.




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Serbia World Music Festival '14

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