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Transform - Trondheim World Festival
Serbia World Music Festival has established cooperation with famous
Transform – World Festival...
SWMF '15 - Gipsy Aleksići
Friday 24th april, 19:45h
We are proud to announce the participation of "Gipsy Aleksići"...
SWMF '15 - Tutti World Music Orchestra
Friday 24th april, 21:00h
Association Tutti Serbia will hold an international seminar "World Music"...
SWMF '15 - Vlatko Stefanovski
Friday 24th april, 22:00h
Vlatko Stefanovski was born in 1957 in Prilep / Macedonia in...
SWMF '15 - Etno Jazz orchestra Mine Matijašević
Wednesday 22nd april, 19:45h
Ethno Jazz orchestra Mina Matijasevic brings very unusual symbiosis of...
SWMF '15 - KUD "Šumadija" with guests
Wednesday 22nd april, 20:30h
Artistic association ''Šumadija'' from Gornji Milanovac was founded at...
SWMF '15 - Sanja Ilić & Balkanika
Wednesday 22nd april, 21:30h
Sanja Ilić & Balkanika is Sanja Ilić's project that performs...
SWMF '15 - Sergej Ćetković
Thursday 23rd april, 21:00h
Sergej Cetkovic was born on March the 8th in 1976 in Podgorica...
Growing up with the festival
Serbia World Music Festival gives a great attention to its youngest visitors. The T-shirts with the inscription.....
The official vehicle of the festival
The official vehicle of the festival is the Reno Captur....

TV Telemark media sponsor of the festival
From this year, TV Telemark is a media sponsor of the Serbia World Music Festival. It is planned to set up the festival studio...
SWMF '15 - Festival program
Check out the program of the Serbia World Music Festival 2015...

7th Serbia World Music Festival
This year's festival will be held on 22-24th April 2015 at the center of Gornji Milanovac...

Serbia World Music Festival (SWMF) was established as joint project between the City Council of Gornji Milanovac in Serbia, local enthusiasts and a group of Norwegians with strong relations to Serbia. The aim of the festival is to unite artists with different cultural backgrounds through a number of concerts as well as other cultural activities.

Ethnical music is looked upon as traditional music with quite strict forms. Through history there have been many attempts to preserve ethnical music by isolating it from music from other regions. SWMF is working in the opposite direction in trying to create a new musical universe where traditional music is presented in not so traditional ways, the result being a number of unique concerts. The whole festival is characterized by a much enthusiasm and a great love for music that knows no borders, as all the artists and everybody behind the festival are working on a non-profit basis.

The program offers a great diversity, although Roma music plays an important role. In addition to the concerts SWMF offers a great variety of other activities as well: dance performances by famous groups from different corners of ex-Yugoslavia, exhibitions and traditional food and drink from local producers.

SWMF 2015 - Friday 24/04

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